Montenegro defends envoy at Operation Storm anniversary

Montenegro defends envoy at Operation Storm anniversary Izvor: Pixabay (ilustracija)

Montenegro is turned to building a secure European future and is resolutely walking in step with developed democracies, free of the burdens of the past, Podgorica said on Tuesday in response to accusations from local pro-Serbian opposition that having its military envoy attend the anniversary of Croatia's Operation Storm on Suunday was scandalous.

Montenegro's Defence Ministry said its military envoy to Croatia, Ivan Masulovic, was not in the Croatian town of Knin on Sunday to celebrate anyone's victories or defeats, nor the killing of any people.

The ministry said Masulovic took part in the marking of Croatia's Victory Day as part of his regular activities, and upon the invitation of the host country, in line with usual diplomatic protocol.

Montenegro had showed its stance about the people who were killed when they needed it most, the ministry added.

Regardless of anyone's expectations, Montenegro will never again fight anyone else's battles and is focused on its development and progress as well as building good neighbourly relations with all the countries in the region, the ministry said.

Montenegro has that view regarding both the close and friendly nation of Serbia, and the close and friendly nation of Croatia, its ally in NATO, the ministry added.

The pro-Serbian opposition alliance Democratic Front (DF) has called for an urgent parliament session over Masulovic's presence at the Operation Storm anniversary celebration, calling it scandalous, while the conservative United Montenegro (UCG) called for Prime Minister Dusko Markovic to resign, saying that the country has been smeared and embarrassed by the act.

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