Only 8 percent of Croatians went on business trips in 2017

Only 8 percent of Croatians went on business trips in 2017 Izvor: Morgue File/Ilustracija

Around 57 percent of Croatians aged 15 and above did not go on any trips lasting more than a single day in 2017. The remaining 43 percent were on at least one multi-day trip, spending a total of 8 billion (€1.08 billion), data released by the national statistics bureau showed.

According to the report, the single most frequently cited reason for not going on multi-day trips were financial, with 55 percent of the respondents citing lack of money, 25 percent citing health reasons, and 20 percent lack of time due to family obligations.

For those 43 percent aged 15 or older (amounting to 1.6 million Croatians) who did experience a trip lasting more than one day in 2017, the most commonly cited purpose of their trip was vacation (32 percent) and visiting family or friends (28 percent).

Of the 4.2 million trips they went on, 63 percent, or 2.6 million, were domestic trips within Croatia's borders, with Croatians spending on them 44 percent or 3.5 billion kuna (€475 million) of the total 8 billion kuna spent on trips in 2017.

Almost two thirds of overnight stays made during those trips were made in Croatia - 65.2 percent or 17.4 million, with 68.3 percent of those overnight stays made in non-commercial accommodation, most often family and friends' homes, one's own house, flat, or holiday home.

Although in 2017 Croatians travelled abroad less when it comes to trips lasting more than a single day - 1.5 million trips with 9.3 million overnight stays - they spent much more on abroad than they did on trips in Croatia, at 4.5 billion kuna (€610 million). The most frequent destinations visited by Croatians were in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Italy, Germany, Austria, and Slovenia.

Apart from multi-day trips, Croatians in 2017 also had 4.3 million day-long trips, including close to 4 million trips for private purposes, while the rest - or less than 10 percent, were business trips.

Only 8 percent, or 301,000 Croatians, went on at least one business trip in 2017. The number of business trips in the country and abroad was roughly the same - 424,000 and 418,000 respectively.

(€1 = 7.37 kuna)

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