Tourist sector turns to Egypt due to lack of labour at home

Tourist sector turns to Egypt due to lack of labour at home Izvor: Ilustracija, N1

Considering that the European market needs qualified labour force and that the conditions, as well as wages, are better there than in Croatia, it is questionable who would come to work in Croatia, said Croatian hotel and restaurant owners.

The first group of 11 season workers from Egypt has already arrived on one Croatian island, where they will work in a small hotel. They can only do jobs that do not involve directly communicating with guests, since their English is more than limited.

However, Croatia will need some 15,000 more such workers in this year’s season in order to meet the service criteria the guests were promised, and which they paid for, reported Slobodna Dalmacija daily.

The government has just adopted the decision to increase the quota for seasonal hiring of foreigners. For tourism, the figure rose to 7,660 foreign workers. But, it was all for nothing, because not even foreign workers will come to work in Croatian tourist sector for current wages.

If that were not the case, the earlier quota, of 4,660 foreign workers for the tourist sector, would not have remained only half-utilised. There are still some 1,359 labour permits available for the sector, although some 1,538 more are allegedly currently being processed for approval.

According to the quota, 80 tourist animators, 100 masseurs, 50 tourist representatives, 10 diving instructors, 300 international cuisine chefs and additional 400 cooks, and some 3,700 support personnel can be hired from abroad. But, in spite of the months’ long search for workers both in Croatia and abroad, the posts have remained vacant.

In other words, no one is interested to work under a temporary contract for wages some 20 percent under the Croatian average, which is currently the case in tourism.

Employers have unsuccessfully searched in Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Macedonia, and have now turned towards Arab countries where the standard is significantly lower, with monthly wages of between $200 and $300.

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