Total value of Agrokor's companies only a third of its debt

Total value of Agrokor's companies only a third of its debt Izvor: N1

The total value of all companies within the indebted conglomerate Agrokor stands at €2 billion, with the most valuable company being the Jamnica water bottler, valued at nearly €500 million, showed the latest value estimate released on Friday by the Agrokor Group.

When companies outside Croatia are taken into account, the total value available to creditors in the crisis administration procedure rises to about €2.5 billion.

Creditors have lodged claims for €7.9 billion in receivables, with the crisis administration recognising €5.85 billion.

Agrokor is one of the largest companies in the country, employing 60,000 workers across the region before its crisis started in early 2017.

The total value of Agrokor's 19 most valuable companies in Croatia amounts to about €1.7 billion, Agrokor said on its website.

Jamnica is the most valuable company, followed by the Ledo ice-cream and frozen foods producer with an estimated value of €280.9 million. The Belje food producer follows with an estimated value of €276.5 million.

The Konzum chain of stores is estimated to be worth €209.3 million after taking into account all lease payments (including finance leases).

However, the crisis administration said the estimates were not final.

They added that the Entity Priority Model of payments and write-offs has not been finalised either.

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