Jandrokovic: Ruling coalition has 77 votes for new minister

Jandrokovic: Ruling coalition has 77 votes for new minister Izvor: N1

Speaker of Croatian Parliament, Gordan Jandrokovic, said that for him the Agrokor e-mail affair ended with the resignation of Economy Minister Martina Dalic, and added that the new minister to replace her would be voted in next week, with the ruling coalition already having secured 77 votes in a 153-seat Parliament.

"We have 77 votes, and that will be seen next week when the appointment of the new minister is put to vote," Jandrokovic told reporters on Thursday.

Jandrokovic, who is also Secretary General of the ruling centre-right Croatian Democratic Union (HDZ), said that for him, the affair around Agrokor has ended with Monday's resignation of Martina Dalic, although, he added, some in the opposition will surely try to score more political points over the issue.

"We are focused on creating conditions to complete the debt settlement, so that Agrokor continues to function, and that everyone related to the company stay in business. Our goal is to save jobs," and added that another goal is also maintaining political stability.

Commenting on a statement by MP Zdravko Ronko, who earlier this week had left the opposition Social Democratic Party (SDP) to become independent and commented that he might vote for HDZ's government in order to avoid an early election and a grand coalition, Jandrokovic said "we've got our majority, and anyone who wants to add their vote is welcome."

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