World renowned chefs at gastronomy workshop in Vukovar

World renowned chefs at gastronomy workshop in Vukovar Izvor: Pixabay

More than 40 participants, including the world renowned Michelin-starred chefs Lionel Levy and Frank Renimel, gathered at the workshop Croatia 365 Gourmet, held in the eastern town of Vukovar on Tuesday.

The event was organised by the Croatian National Tourism Board in cooperation with the Croatian Chamber of Trades and Crafts and the Croatian Chamber of Economy. It offers the very best content and information on world trends in gastronomy and oenology.

The connoisseurs from around the world came to Vukovar to showcase the latest trends in the world of gastronomy and discuss the significance of local gastronomy in haute cuisine and modern confectionery.

Lionel Levy, known for championing local cuisine and ingredients in Marseille, where he resides, said that the continental cuisine he saw in Vukovar was very particular. "I believe it is very important to retain that authenticity which makes Croatia's gastronomy so recognisable," he added.

Chef Frank Renimel, who won a Michelin star when he was only 28 years old, spoke about the importance of continuous education in gastronomy. "It is important to follow one's instincts and goals, and I seek creativity and inspiration in the everyday," chef Renimel said.

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